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As the leading manufacturer of vineyard machinery in Germany, we offer a wide range of products for the winegrower. Winegrowers all over the world use ERO equipment to trim their foliage, bind their shoots and harvest their grapes. On the following pages we offer you information about our ranges of grape harvesters, trimmers, shoot binders, defoliators and post pounders. We will be pleased to assist you personally or to name a competent specialist dealer in your neighbourhood. Just contact us.

Dear Customers,

The corona virus is currently causing quite drastic changes in our everyday lives. It is our collective responsibility to try and counteract the rapid spread of this virus, in order to help limit the consequences for our health system and the economy.

Our company introduced measures to minimise the risk of infection for our employees at a very early stage, and we are therefore able to continue production without restrictions.

Our field sales representatives are available for consultation – also, naturally, by telephone.

Many thanks for your support. Please stay healthy!

Your ERO Team

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